Promising debuts for the electric Volkswagen Golf Blue-e-Motion in Berlin

Volkswagen-Golf-blue-e-motionVolkswagen unveiled its electric Golf in late 2010 with the name of Golf Blue-e-Motion. The car has been shown a few times, then Volkswagen started an experiment which put 80 cars in the hands of private drivers in Berlin. That started last June, or 6 months ago. The manufacturer has published a first evaluation report, which could be resumed as so far, so good.

The average daily drive among the 80 cars has been 30-km (21 miles). The observed 150-km (93 miles) is then more than enough, and all participants agreed that the Volkswagen Golf Blue-e-Motion is a perfect second car. They expressed the need to have precise information about the battery state of charge, and asked for tips to minimize their energy consumption. Finally, some drivers said pedestrians were surprised to see them coming silently, meaning that some buzzing device could be useful.

Test keeps on going…