First test drives for the electric Mazda 2, but model’s future still unclear


Mazda-Demio-electricMazda is a bit late in the upcoming electric car battle. No one has ever seen an electric car at a Mazda dealership. It’s hardly better at motor shows where manufacturers are free to introduce concepts and prototypes with whatever technology there is. Even there, the sight of an electric Mazda is a rare one. So it was quite a surprise to learn that a couple electric Mazda 2s (sold as Demio in Japan) have been available for test drives last week in Hiroshima. Few people had the opportunity to drive them, only some Japanese journalists, but that was a significant step forward.

A full spec sheet hasn’t been released yet. We only know that the electric Mazda 2 is roughly 100 kg heavier than a gasoline one, and that the battery’s packaging has been smartly done. Trunk space hasn’t been reduced at all. Mazda shall build a few dozens of them to begin tests with selected business customers starting next Spring. Could there be more to come? Let’s hope so. Mazda’s competitors are doing much more…