400 free quick chargers! Nissan’s European give-away to help put more EVs on the road

Nissan high-speed chargerMost EV drivers charge at home. They have a wallbox. If they happen to need an unscheduled recharge on a trip, they will plug on a standard socket, waiting several hours to get the electricity they need. Nissan, as the world leader in electric mobility, wants to change that. The manufacturer will do something unprecedented, it will give away 400 high speed chargers in Europe.

That sounds great! But it brings questions. Who will get them? Can my city/my company get one? How to do it? Who should you call? There’s an easy answer to all those questions, it is that it’s too late to get on the list. The selection process has already started, it’s among the numerous companies and local governments which signed an agreement with the Renault-Nissan alliance those past 3 years. The Nissan Leaf was unveiled in August 2009, Nissan had thousands of contacts with about everyone with an interest in EVs since then. Actually, there’s so many of them that the most difficult will be to find those who will be the most useful to the global EV cause.

Nissan’s quick charger can recharge a Leaf from 0 to 80% in 30 minutes. About every Leaf driver would want to get one close to home and/or workplace.