Porsche to become an hybrid leader

Porsche Cayenne HybridIt’s not available in the US yet, but the first German customers have received their Cayenne hybrid. With 380-hp from the combination of a supercharged V6 with an electric motor, it’s a vehicle that promises to marry high performance with fuel efficiency. This Cayenne is Porsche’s first production hybrid, but it won’t stay the only one for long as the German manufacturer has just confirmed it will build an hybrid version of its Panamera sports sedan. Without any surprise, the Panamera will reuse the powertrain of the Cayenne. We expect it as early as next year, and it shall have its unveiling at the Los Angeles motorshow this autumn.

Porsche PanameraWe just hope Porsche will manage to retain a decent trunk space despite having to find space for the batteries. But there’s more. Do you remember the 918 Spyder that was introduced as a concept in Geneva, last March? Well, it’s been given the green light. Porsche will build a production version. Actually, this is not much of a surprise. Porsche is not known for doing show cars, and the 918 was so much acclaimed at the Geneva motor show, it would have been a huge disappointment if it hadn’t been given the go-ahead.

Porsche 918 hybrid

With 718-hp (500 coming from the gas engine, and 218 from the electric motors), the 918 will be the world’s first hybrid supercar. And it will be a plug-in! Our only complaint will be that the 918 will be a spiritual successor to the 959 and the Carrera GT. Cars that were very low volume, with a huge price tag. We guess more than a half-million euros…

It’s never been cheap do drive a supercar, it won’t get any cheaper with green supercars.