Veleance Tri’Ode, an electric city scooter for professionnals

Electric Veleance Tri'OdeThis is not a sexy vehicle. It’s not intended to be, it’s a work tool. It’s called the Tri’Ode, coming from Veleance, a french company. Veleance is a new manufacturer, and this Tri’Ode is its first model. It’s electric, zero emission for the city, and it has 3-wheels. That is to make it drivable by anyone, even by people who have never driven a motorbike before. It has large footwells, and you should be able to drive it without ever having to put your feet to the ground. Even at stoplights.

Electric Veleance Tri'OdeThe Veleance Tri’Ode is a one-seater, and the place where there could be a passenger is intended for goods. It doesn’t look like one, but this is a delivery vehicle. In Europe’s big cities, many couriers drive scooters, they are the customers Veleance is looking for. Registered as a low-speed vehicle, the Tri’Ode has a mandated top speed of 28-mph (45-kph), and its lead AGM batteries gave it a range of 31-miles (50-km). Both numbers are small, and both could be increased easily according to Veleance. But potential customers have not asked for more, it’s enough for them.

The Veleance Tri’Ode is about to enter production, first deliveries to selected customers shall start in June.