Tuning the Tesla Model S for high speed driving, what should be done

Tesla Model SThe news that Tesla would introduce some kind of a high speed tuning for its Model S, took all of us by surprise. Then questions arise. With few Tesla owners having much experience of driving at high speed in their cars, few people have answers, and even ideas about what should be done, but I can make a suggestion. My experience of high speed driving has taught me that the most important is to keep your eyes glued to the road, straight ahead, and as far away as possible, never to be distracted from that.

This calls for a non disturbing, discreet instrumentation. Tesla’s huge screen should be switched off for high speed drives. Or maybe at least blacked out, only turning itself back on in case of something going wrong with the car. The large monitor may be fun in stop-and-go traffic, but it is a dangerous proposition when driving at over 100 mph.

We see that traffic regulators are slowly establishing that phone and text messages are becoming a safety hazard at standard driving speeds. They’re even more dangerous at autobahn speed, and so is the large tablet that’s in the center console of all Model S cars. For their own safety, fast drivers should be able to turn it off.