Livery service with Porsche Panamera S E-Hybrid in Stuttgart

Fleet of Porsche Panamera S-E Hybrid in StuttgartGermany has unveiled bold plans to be a leader in electric mobility. Some projects cater to the lower end of the market, such as the car sharing service with little Citroën C-Zero EVs (a Mitsubishi i clone) in Berlin, but the country wants more. Germany is known the world over for expensive high performance cars, gas or diesel, and it should be the same with electrics. The Living Lab BWe mobil (BW: Baden-Württemberg) starts with the fastest and most expensive four doors plug-in car on the German market: the Porsche Panamera S E-Hybrid. A plug-in hybrid, its range in electric mode is a short 19 miles, but that is just enough to go from Stuttgart airport to the city center, and that’s the point here.

The eleven best hotels in Stuttgart have made a partnership with the airport, to offer livery services between themselves in locally-built luxury green cars: plug-in Porsche cars! Sure, the Panamera sedan is not the perfect car for livery services. Its back seat can only accommodate two people, and its trunk isn’t very large, but to arrive in style, it will be difficult to find a better car. Or a greener one! No doubt, the most demanding customers will be satisfied.