French administration orders 2,600 electric cars, Zoe’s the big winner and Mia’s saved

Renault-ZoeOnce again, France shows that it is leader in electric mobility. The UGAP, France’s official supply agency for all public bodies, has announced it will buy 2,600 electric cars in the next three years. This is after a first command of 15,000 electric vehicles (mostly Renault Kangoo Z.E. for the postal service), and once again most of these cars will wear the Renault badge. The detail is as follows.


2,000 Renault Zoe (top picture), 100 Renault Fluence Z.E. (a four door sedan) and 500 little Mia Electrique (right picture). This last choice is probably the most important, because the company which builds the Mia electric car would have got into serious trouble if it hadn’t won the government’s call for tenders. Sales of this little 3-seater have always been poor, and there’s no sign of an increase in sight. This is not the first time this company gets help from the government, but it’s unlikely anyone would complain about it. The French manufacturing sector is going through a hard time, and being supportive towards electric mobility is seen as good. But the little Mia Electrique still have to prove itself…

All in all, the news that 2,600 new EVs will arrive on French roads is good. More than 18,000 EVs have already been bought by cities, the government and its different agencies in France. But we’re still waiting for the general French public to follow this lead.