A quicker EV than a Tesla model S, from Croatia: the BMW e-M3 converted by Mate Rimac

Mate Rimac in front of the fastest electric car of the world

We learned only a few days ago that a Tesla model S was faster than a BMW M5 in an acceleration test, but here comes news from another EV, which is faster than the Tesla. Those are official news, from a car whose performance has been certified by the FIA. It will appear in the record’s book as the fastest electric car in the world. The car is an old BMW 3-series which has been converted to an electric propulsion by Mate Rimac, the Croatian engineer who is currently developing what may become the fastest electric car in the world.

This BMW is a mule, a development’s car. Totally unlike the shiny concept Rimac has been showing at motor shows, this is a much used, hard-driven prototype, that has seen rain, snow and the most difficult driving situations. But it’s fast. How about a quarter mile in 11.808 seconds? Motor Trend tested the Tesla model S in 12.5. Sorry for Tesla fans, but the Croatian car is faster. And it doesn’t stop accelerating from there. It reaches the kilometer in 23.26 seconds. As the Tesla model S has never been tested outside of America, it has probably never been tested for the standing start kilometer, but the roadster was doing it in 25 seconds, when a BMW M5 does it in 21.9.

The German sedan remains the fastest, but maybe not for long since Mate Rimac has moved to something faster. His new car will be one the very fastest cars of the world. I don’t think it will beat the best Ferrari, but it should be very close. We’ll see that next year.