The electric Toyota TMG EV P002 not far from the winner at Pikes Peak

Toyota TMG EV P002 electric race car

Toyota TMG EV P002 electric race carThe Pikes Peak International Hill Climb was won by a Hyundai Genesis Coupe, a pure race car, powered by a strong 700 hp turbocharged V6. An EV was less than half a minute behind it. The winner did it in 9:46.164, and Fumio Nutahara, driving the electric Toyota TMG EV P002 did it in 10:15.380, setting a new record for an electric car at Pikes Peak. Overall, this Toyota EV was 6th, and an electric Mitsubishi was 8th. So that’s 2 electrics in the TOP 10!

Another promising entry was the Japanese prototype Monster E-Runner, which was said to be very fast, but technical issues forced it to retire quickly, and there isn’t any shadow on Toyota’s leadership. Video below shows the Toyota TMG EV P002 during preliminary tests. That was in the South of France, but the car has been designed and built in Germany.