Electric Volteis redesigned by Philippe Starck for Geneva

Electric Volteis by Philippe Starck

Electric Volteis by Philippe StarckThis is not a real automobile, it’s more like a beach toy. It’s very small. 105 inches long, 74 inches wide and 64 inches high. It’s so small, and it has little power so it isn’t considered as a car in Europe. It’s close to what Americans see as a Neighborhood Electric Vehicle, but it’s still fine for city driving. Besides, what matters is the way it looks. This Volteis designed by Starck won’t disappoint here. It looks radically different from anything else on the road.

Electric Volteis by Philippe StarckThe Volteis actually is not new, it has been in production for about 3 years. The standard version looks like a small Jeep, but this one is a new model redesigned by Philippe Starck. There’s still the spirit of a minimalist vehicle, but less utilitarian. It’s more like the Mini Moke from the 60’s, with a modernized look. Some may also say industrial because of the all stainless steel and aluminium construction. This is the first time world famous designer Philippe Starck uses his talent on a car, we guess it should not be the last.

Electric Volteis by Philippe StarckA surprise is the presence of doors. They’re only about 5 inches high, and we hadn’t noticed them at first. Some may question their usefulness. Maybe they should be an option. Let’s say it plainly, this is not a winter car. This is a car for Majorca or Corfu, with driver and passengers more likely to be in beachwear than with heavy clothes. Dashboard looks like a smartphone, and it probably could be one if regulation would allow it (phone usage would have to be disabled when driving, so that speed indication is always on screen).

Electric Volteis by Philippe StarckBut the best news about this Volteis by Starck is its availability. Customers could place an order at the Geneva show where it was introduced. Price? 25,000 euros, or $32,870. Not exactly cheap for an electric vehicle with a 40-mph top speed and a 40 miles range, but it has beach attitude and the signature of a great designer. The Volteis by Starck is also the perfect car to give its driver the feeling he’s on a holiday.