The Nissan Esflow, an exciting styling exercise for electric car enthusiasts

Nissan-EsflowThe Nissan Leaf is without any doubt the best electric car ever made, but you can’t argue that it doesn’t look very exciting. It’s a great car for the daily commute of a small family but few people would dream of one. Nissan seems to be very much aware of this, as it will introduce a concept to please enthusiasts at the Geneva motor show in 3 weeks. It’s called the Esflow and it’s radically different from the Leaf. It’s a sports coupe, and when the Leaf is front wheel drive, the Esflow is rear wheel drive. The Leaf has one motor, the Esflow has two, one for each rear wheel.

Nissan-EsflowThat architecture gives the car torque-vectoring abilities, with a differential system entirely written in software. Acceleration is strong, going to 62-mph from a stop requires less than 5-seconds, but Nissan doesn’t say the power of its motors. That’s because the Esflow has a beautiful aluminium chassis but it’s a concept. It’s made to look good at a motor show and nothing else. We should not expect a production version. We can only enjoy its great design which is an evolution of the 370Z with stunning extended lights, both front and rear, but I regret there isn’t something to tell the Esflow is electric.