The electric Citroen Survolt rides

The Survolt was a spectacular show car that was the highlight of Citroen’s booth at the Geneva show earlier this year, a great-looking car, but the car at the Swiss show was a non-runner. So I thought that we would not see it again, but I was wrong, and much relieved (because I was a big fan of that car) to find out late June that a new Survolt has been built, and that this one was running.

We now have a proof that Citroen is serious with this car, the French manufacturer has had the car running on a racetrack, and it’s not afraid to show it on the video below.

I still don’t think that Citroen will ever turn that sport car into a production model, there’s no chance, but it’s a important news that Citroen is working on electric drives. An electric car in your future? Citroen’s working on it.