Talking about the Maybach hybrid


With a single model (available in 2 wheelbases) offered at stratospheric prices to the very few, you don’t see many Maybach coming and going anywhere. Some people have even questioned the future of the brand, but thanks to Automobile Magazine, we can now report that Maybach is alive and well, and that the brand does have a future. But don’t think about the U.S. or Europe, the Maybach will keep on going thanks to China, Russia and the Middle-East, where there is a proven growing demand for super-luxury cars.

Still there is surprise, a big one actually, with the news of the development of an hybrid Maybach. Since a Maybach retails for more than $350,000, you understand that fuel economy is not a big concern to Maybach drivers. Maybe CO2 emissions are, I’m not sure about that… But Mercedes engineers (the Maybach brand is owned by Mercedes) are working on an hybrid Maybach anyway, and it shall get the same technology, maybe even some shared components with the S-class hybrid, the S400.

Which means a smallish 15-kW motor (20-hp) that will be dwarfed next to the 600-hp V12 engine. Also, with a Maybach’s weighing more than 6000 pounds loaded, you can forget all ability to drive on the electric motor alone.

The only advantage of this hybrid set-up will be in heavy city driving, and the Lexus LS600h will keep on reigning as the queen of hybrid cars. The Maybach will only looks good on official fuel economy ratings.