A new body kit for the Prius from Kenstyle

The japanese tuning company has just launched a new kit for the Toyota Prius. A complete body kit, it gives the car a radically different appearance which will not please everyone. The Prius has a clean understated look, this kit simply removes it, or totally wrecks it depending on your point of view. More important besides styles, the ground clearance is substantially reduced. Extra care will be needed in some hilly areas.

I also question the unwanted effects of such a body kit. Because first, it adds weight, and second it certainly doesn’t make the Prius more aerodynamic. I actually believe quite the opposite. Could it make the Prius less frugal?

This body kit is now on sale in Japan, we don’t know yet if it will be exported to the US, or somewhere else, but I won’t complaint if it isn’t.