EcoBoost’s going all the way down in the Ford Start

The Ford Start concept with its EcoBoost engine

The Ford Start concept with its EcoBoost engineWe know about the downsizing idea in Ford’s EcoBoost engines. To replace a big low-tech engine with a hi-tech smaller one. That’s what we get in the Ford Edge, with a strong turbocharged V6 where you expected a V8. Ford’s doing it with 6-cylinders too, and they will get replaced by a 4-cylinder. Wait a second, now… What do we replace a 4-cylinder with? Well, you guessed it, a 3-cylinder! Here comes the Ford Start, a concept which is very close in size to the european Ford Ka. Smaller than the Fiesta, the Ka has never been sold in the US, but its sales are brisk in Europe with a 1.2-liter 69-hp 4-cylinder.

The Ford Start concept with its EcoBoost engineFord says that its new EcoBoost 1-liter 3-cylinder, with direct fuel injection and turbocharging makes the same power and torque than a basic 1.6-liter 4-cylinder. But with much better fuel economy, and less CO2 emissions. You may think this engine will be for Europe, or Asia, since the Start concept is unveiled at the Beijing motorshow, but it will definitely come to the US. It could become the Fiesta’s new base engine. Looking further, if the Fiesta is successful in America, as many people predict, Ford might go global with its smaller offering, the Ka…

Hey!, If the next generation is as good looking as this Start concept is, it might be a hit among urbanites.