Fuel cell Hyundai will come in 2012

Hyundai's press conference in Geneva

I’ve seen several prototypes of fuel cells cars from Hyundai. I’ve even had the opportunity to have a quick ride in one in 2005. I was impressed by that vehicle, it was quiet and refined. Still, it was a prototype, with no production intent. Of course I knew that sometimes in a far away future, there would be a fuel cell Hyundai, but without any idea about when that time would come. Today I know.

Hyundai fuel cell carHyundai gave the information at its press conference during the Geneva motorshow. 2012. By then, a fuel cell car will be built by the thousands. They’ve said it, and they wrote it on the display behind the speakers. It shall come then. Well, the speaker was quick to point out that the first cars would not be available to individuals. They will be leased to the korean government, or some large business. But fuel cell cars would be available to all private customers by 2015. Just think that there’s very few hydrogen stations. It will take time to build a network…

Fuel cell cars have had many detractors over the years, Hyundai shall prove them wrong with a car that promises to be zero emissions, with a much better range than electrics. Now, if only it could have a korean pricetag, it would be a real winner. We’ll see… At Geneva, Hyundai was showing the prototype of a Santa Fe with a fuel cell, but the manufacturer has yet to confirme that it is the model intended for production.