Toyota’s enemies

It happened so quickly. Barely a few weeks ago, Toyota was a highly valued brand name. The name of a manufacturer you could trust. A company who build cars you would be proud to drive. The Toyota Prius was the most praised car of all. You drive a Prius, and people look at you with respect, you’re a responsible person. That was last year.

You drive a Prius now, and people look down at you. The poor bloke! That’s in the best case. Maybe tomorrow, people will look angrily at Prius’s drivers, thinking these are dangerous cars that should be taken off the road, the sooner the better.

What a nonsense! News reports are usually helpful, I’m not sure that is the case when we see on TV the dumbest guy they could find, stating that he’s no longer driving his Toyota for fear of killing himself. There are a few things wrong with Toyotas, but we would be foolish to think that Toyota is the only manufacturer with problems on its products. Come to think of it, I can’t find any car manufacturer’s that never had a recall. Toyota is certainly not worse than the others.

Hey! How about a deal? With all that bad press, it might be the right time to buy a Prius with a big discount…