Rent a electric Nissan from Hertz

The rental company made a deal with the car company. Next year, you’ll be able to find electric Nissan Leaf at Hertz locations, waiting for you. I guess it’s great, and that it might work because Hertz has a lot of data about what its customers do with their rented cars.

That data is much needed since quite often, the customer just doesn’t know how much he’s going to drive. That happened to me several times. I was in a city I didn’t know, driving to places I’ve never been before, and I ended up driving much more than I expected. But when I gave back the car, the clerk wasn’t surprised of my mileage, because it was only average for his area.

Don’t expect to find electric Nissan Leaf at every Hertz location around the country. Most likely, these electric cars will only be offered at locations where people drive short distances.